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  SCENARIO The client is a long-established Piedmontese winery which produces a range of Gavi white wine labels with the DOCG designation. It exports 90% of its production and aims to consolidate and grow its presence on the Asian and North American markets.     REQUIREMENT The client was attending an event of great importance

disegni tecnici

SCENARIO The client is one of the world’s leading producers of technologies and solutions for induction heating systems. With a production facility and head office in the province of Turin, it has offices around the world, from Germany to China and from Brazil to the USA. Induction heating is a high-precision process, using electromagnetic fields


  April 20, 2017 – Dotwords has opened a second office, in Turin, to consolidate its current client portfolio and expand its operations in the region of Piedmont. “We’ve decided to strengthen our presence in north-west Italy to help us achieve two goals: to follow more closely important clients in the automotive and mechanical sector,


April 11, 2017 – The Dotwords co-founder in an interview with Repubblica’s Affari e Finanza supplement from the Intesa Sanpaolo high-rise tower in Turin, which on March 30 – 31 hosted Sharing Italy, a brainstorming meeting attended by creatives, thinkers and leading Italian businessmen. David Orban discusses questions relating to robotics and innovation. We shouldn’t

David Orban

April 3, 2017 – From the studios of the La Stampa daily newspaper, a video interview with David Orban, co-founder of Dotwords, on innovation and the challenges ahead, notably artificial intelligence: if we want to relate to computers on an equal footing, the data we receive from our five senses are no longer enough, we