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October 14th, 2018 – Google Translate, the app that TRANSLATES using only the smartphone camera.   Google Translate is perhaps the most used translator in the world. What perhaps not everyone knows is that the application also works with the camera. Yes, a camera to translate: you frame the text, she reads and translates.   Read


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October 8th, 2018 – Ann Goldstein, the American TRANSLATOR of Elena Ferrante: “Every translator is a traitor”.   Nobody knows who wrote the most read Italian tetralogy in the world in recent years, but they are all crazy for her translator.   You can continue reading this article from the HuffPost.IT here


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October 3rd, 2018 – The Swiftkey virtual keyboard now translates MESSAGES into 60 languages.   Nowadays the virtual keyboards already pre-installed inside the smartphone are very similar; this is why the developers of this software are always looking for new features to add while trying not to make daily writing operations impossible. With the latest update,


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September 30th, 2018 – Metropolitan LEGENDS about translation.   On September 30th the Catholics (and the faithful of other churches in the West) celebrate San Girolamo, but today there is also a secular celebration that celebrates it. It is the International Day of Translation, established by the UN in 2017 to recall the importance of the


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September 26th, 2018 – EUROPE must protect its rich tapestry of languages.   Every two weeks a language dies. Unesco estimates that around half of the world’s languages will become extinct by the year 2100. When a language dies, a culture dies with it, because language is much more than a communication tool. Every language


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September 25th, 2018 – There are 25 new WORDS that you need to know if you SPEAK English.   The Merriam-Webster dictionary added 840 more terms this year, and the magazine Mentalfloss has underlined the expressions now available into common use.   Read the complete article from  AGI.IT        

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September 18th, 2018 – Italiansubs closes its doors.   Goodbye to Italiansubs, the community of volunteer translators, who, for 13 years has been offering a subtitling service to series, films and streaming documentaries. The site announced the interruption of their service following “reports of improper and illicit use.”   Read the complete article from CORRIERECOMUNICAZIONI.IT


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September 17th, 2018 – “The most beautiful in the world”: that’s why I love the Italian language   What makes it so special? In a journey through its uses and its history, between a lunch with Dante and an incursion on the stage of Sanremo with Leopardi, the book La più bella del mondo – Perché amare

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September 14th, 2018 – The on and off of the brain that allows BILINGUALISM   Often bilingual people pass easily and quickly from one spoken language to another. It is a skill that has always fascinated neurolinguistics, who have tried to study in detail the involvement of the different brain areas, obtaining some partial results.  


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September 11th, 2018 – Piano LESSONS improve language in children   Taking piano lessons as a child helps to develop language in kids, especially in children between the ages of 4 and 5 years old. This is what emerged from a study carried out by a team of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in

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