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Cristina Franco

cris-pic-pageDotwords Founder, EU & Academic Relations Leader

Cristina Franco is an architect and currently head of external relations at the Architecture & Design Department of Turin Polytechnic.

During her career at Turin Polytechnic, Cristina was organization manager of the Design Laboratory of the Architecture & Design Research Centre.In this role, she acted as a referee for the presentation of applications for European programs with regard to both the structure and content of the projects and the organization of the partnership.

She was a member of the Architectural Design Department Board and Council, and head of departmental safety.

Cristina is a partner and director of Amapola Talking Sustainability, an Italian PR agency committed to fostering good environmental, social, and business sustainability practices around the world, and facilitating international information and knowledge sharing.

Before joining Turin Polytechnic, Cristina worked as an independent professional, collaborating in particular with the firm of architect Benedetto Camerana and taking part in a number of Italian and international architecture and design competitions.

She was a consultant for Koinetwork g.e.i.e. on the formulation of international research projects.

Cristina graduated in Architecture at Turin Polytechnic in 1995. The same year, she passed her qualifying exams to practice as a professional architect.

Art is one of her personal interests. She has worked with clay for twenty years, training with teachers and artists in Turin (Lilli Morgando, Paola Chiappo, Rossana Ecosse) and working with artists including Luigi Mainolfi, Giulio Paolini, and Antonio Murri. She is a member of the Associazione Piemontese Arte, and has curated many exhibitions.

She works and lives in Turin with her family.