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Internationalization support

To support businesses moving into international markets and expanding their global operations, Dotwords offers specific solutions in which its network of specialized partners plays a vital role.

We provide assistance for planning, information collection, and contact verification. We analyze internal resources and workgroup skills and experience. We offer help in selecting markets and local partners.

We support clients’ competitive strategy and are highly effective in establishing key interpersonal relations, paying great attention not only to language differences but also to the local cultural context. And of course, we are your localization partner for production of all the necessary technical and commercial documentation.


Professional resource availability check

Businesses setting out on an internationalisation program need an accurate picture of the professional resources at their disposal. Dotwords surveys and analyses in-house availability of the necessary technical and language skills, and personal propensity to work in global scenarios.


Dotwords designs and provides training to raise motivation and develop the basic competences needed to work abroad in unfamiliar social and cultural environments.


Dotwords develops, manages and measures internal and external communication activities to enhance the organisation’s new international dimension.

Market research

Dotwords helps clients conduct preventive analyses of target markets in relation to their specific requirements, with a particular focus on identifying local production, organisational and commercial partners.

Stakeholder mapping

Dotwords’ stakeholder mapping service provides clients with a dynamic tool to help them understand the importance, influence and positioning of their stakeholders.

Multilingual information intelligence (key clients and key events)

In-depth information about global key clients increases opportunities for contact and new business. Dotwords conducts multilingual intelligence operations using a software platform with the capacity to process large volumes of data and – with the intervention of analysts – deliver results on specific targets.



In Europe only 1 in 5 SMEs exports abroad. And only 1 in 30 has international branches, divisions or partnerships. In Italy the number of SME exporters has been falling constantly since 2016. Many SMEs never even consider going international, despite increasingly fierce competition on their domestic markets. If you are an SME looking to develop a global business, we can help. Get in touch.