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Interpretation is one of the most interesting and complex linguistic activities. In addition to sharing the client’s goals and expectations, a first-class interpreter provides and blends cultural references, playing a crucial role in the positive outcome of meetings and events.

The Dotwords interpreter team covers any language combination to assist businesses and organizations anywhere in the world, at any time.

High-precision profiling of the specializations available enables us to select the most suitable professional for the particular business situation or topic.

For clients with specific requirements, we have developed robust remote interpreting solutions to run the interpreting service on live streaming platforms.

Customized interpreting, plus live mind mapping, video production and captioning, proceedings with the speaker presentations: the Dotwords Interpreting and Events Division offers this set of innovative services to support the planning and running of multilingual corporate events, broadening their accessibility and enabling their content to be directly experienced before, during and after.




Simultaneous interpreting

the interpreter works in a soundproof booth, listening to the speaker on an earpiece and simultaneously translating their words into a microphone for the listeners

Consecutive interpreting

the interpreter translates aloud, as the speaker’s words are delivered in short sections

Bilateral or liaison interpreting

the interpreter works for two interlocutors, or teams of interlocutors, translating in both languages

Business interpreting

the interpreter is a member of the negotiating team during business meetings and stipulation of contracts, where their in-depth understanding of the parties’ cultural backgrounds is a key factor


from the French “chuchoter," which means to whisper, this is a variation of simultaneous interpreting: the interpreter stands next to the listener, simultaneously translating the speaker’s words in a low voice


the interpreter works from a remote location, providing their services via a live streaming platform