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by / Friday, 30 September 2016 / Published in DIXIT...

September 30, 2016 –  Innovation and technology, transparency and sharing are keywords for R&D in Dotwords, which has just recruited young talent , Luca Pesenti to handle this strategic function.

Luca has begun rolling out the  Plunet Corporate Edition and QualityManager, solutions, configuring and customizing the software to meet the needs of the translation process as well as commercial and marketing requirements. The new platform will make workflows more streamlined and efficient, enhancing trackability and relations with clients, with consequent reductions in costs and time.

Final objective: the incorporation of the agency’s various systems – Plunet for management processes, SDL Trados for translations, Dotsub for video captioning – into the innovative DTMSDotwords Translation Management System -, an “integrated system” of cloud-based IT solutions for the management of translations and localizations from and to any language, for video, web, audio, desktop publishing and text documents.

Born in 1988, due to complete his master’s degree at Milan Polytechnic by the end of the year, Luca Pesenti has joined Dotwords fired by what he describes as “a constant interest in finding new solutions in every field, professional and private”.

His comment is reflected in his decision two years ago to live in a very special  MICRO-comunità, a project of the Handicap…su la testa! association, under which intellectually challenged youngsters live in the same house, iin as equal a manner as possible, with volunteers like Luca, who began voluntary work when he was sixteen and is now head of human resources at the NGO. As he himself says: “Two thirds of the so-called professional soft skills I have developed come directly from my work in the association”.

His drive to help the needier members of society finds fertile ground in Dotwords, where he has begun studying new applications for the innovative video captioning technologies imported into Italy from the USA, to the benefit, in primis, of people with hearing difficulties.