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October 4, 2018 – Via Ripamonti 114 is Dotwords’ new address in Milan. The agency’s new offices meet the need for greater space to house its growing team of professionals, which has doubled in the last 24 months
and plans to expand further in the next two years. The location also includes space for the R&D unit working on the continuous development of the Dotwords Translation Management System, DTMS, the
integrated system combining Computer-Aided Translation tools with the company’s systems for workflow management, quality control and customer care.
“A new location is an important step for innovative young companies like us, because it is a tangible demonstration of our on-going growth,” said Dotwords CEO Gabriella Soldadino. “The need for larger
premises means Dotwords has successfully completed the start-up phase and is now moving into a more mature stage of development and consolidation. At the same time, of course, we continue to deploy state-
of-the art collaboration tools: all our translators, more than 80% of whom reside outside Italy, access our digital platform via remote links.”