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Paola Baccalini


Paola graduated in Oriental Languages & Literature from the University of Milan and holds a master’s degree in Marketing from the Politecnico del Commercio in Milan.

She began her career as a marketing assistant with the Stammer publishing group and later moved to the Tsara Technologie company in Annecy, France, as a product specialist. Subsequently, she spent fifteen years at Nordson Italia, where she was responsible for marketing, procurement and general services.

After later experiences with a PR agency and in the family condominium management firm, Paola joined Dotwords in 2015, returning to her old love of marketing.

She is active in the social field, where she is involved in training courses for women of the third millennium under the Ministry of Employment’s social policies programs.

Paola is a keen sportswoman, with a predilection for extreme sport, notably high-altitude hiking and scuba diving, which she practices on a regular basis.
In the kitchen she enjoys experimenting with vegetarian versions of traditional dishes like risotto à la milanese.

Ease of communication has always been Paola’s distinguishing characteristic. “I began talking when I was very small. My mother took me to the Taveggia pasticceria in Milan when I was still tiny, and someone asked me what my name was. I gave them all my personal details, address, telephone number … a budding saleswoman even then!”.