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The client is a long-established Piedmontese winery which produces a range of Gavi white wine labels with the DOCG designation.

It exports 90% of its production and aims to consolidate and grow its presence on the Asian and North American markets.




The client was attending an event of great importance for the Japanese public, at Isetan, Tokyo’s most distinguished department store, known as the “Harrods of the Orient”.

A few weeks earlier, it asked Dotwords for support on the production of a kit of communication tools in Japanese: brochures, product spec sheets and save-the-date flyers for the following event. The material had to be designed, written and produced.



Dotwords’ consultants began working with the communication team right from the initial stages of the graphical design project, indicating for example the amount of space to be considered for the translation of the texts from Italian into Japanese.

The translator then translated directly on the paginated layout, thus eliminating intermediate stages, and the translated texts were delivered in less than two days.



The communication materials were designed, translated and produced in just a few weeks, and delivered in time for the Tokyo event.

Produced exclusively in Japanese, they stood out sharply from the English-language materials of the other Italian exhibitors and were greatly appreciated by the target as a mark of great attention to the local market.

The accuracy of the translation – using the technical language of the wine-making world – was confirmed by the Japanese importer, who reviewed the texts.

The project was so successful that the client has decided to commission other communication materials in Japanese, beginning with the captioning of its institutional video on its website.