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disegni tecnici


The client is one of the world’s leading producers of technologies and solutions for induction heating systems. With a production facility and head office in the province of Turin, it has offices around the world, from Germany to China and from Brazil to the USA.

Induction heating is a high-precision process, using electromagnetic fields to heat conductive materials such as iron, copper and aluminum; once the metal has been heated, its shape can be adapted according to the requirements of the customer.

International sales account for 80% of revenues, and half of them come from outside Europe. The group has plants and offices in Germany, India, Thailand, China, the USA and Mexico.



The company manufactures only to order: all orders are analyzed, processed and approved by the R&D department. The projects processed by the R&D team – and the related job orders – are based on a series of technical drawings created with the AutoCAD program, which need to be translated into a large number of languages.

Technical language and execution speed are the key requirements to support the company in its international growth.

The first request made to Dotwords concerned an important order to be translated from Italian into German and Romanian.


The Dotwords Translation Management System integrates a series of software applications enabling documents to be translated directly on the original page layout.

For this project, Dotwords selected the German and Rumanian native-speaker translators and provided them with AutoCAD, so that they could translate directly on the technical drawings and on the page layouts, eliminating intermediate stages and increasing efficiency.


The availability of the AutoCAD program proved hugely advantageous: there was no need to repaginate the texts into the other languages, eliminating the need for the client to coordinate a lengthy and costly four-stage process (translator, graphic designer, editor, graphic designer).

The client found Dotwords to be a highly reliable and precise technical partner for the preparation of a broad range of documents and orders, and has renewed its trust with new work for its international activities.