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Silvia Termine

silvia-pic-pageProject Manager

As someone with an interest in languages from an early age, Silvia chose an academic path to enable her to develop her preference: after graduating from high-school in science subjects with two languages, she studied for a bachelor’s degree in Languages and Modern Cultures from the University of Pavia and a master’s degree at the Altiero Spinelli Civil Interpreters and Translators School in Milan.

She completed her education with a master’s degree in Global Marketing, Communication & Made in Italy from the Comunicare l’impresa Study Centre and the Italy-USA Foundation, during which she worked as an intern at Dotwords.

Silvia’s experience in Dotwords was so successful that when she completed her master’s degree she joined the company as a junior project manager.

A volley-ball enthusiast, she plays in the second-division Universo in Volley team, as a leftside hitter. She is also interested in cinema (Fincher, Kubrick, Nolan and Tarantino are her favourite directors), reading (classics, coming-of-age novels and short-story collections), drawing (using pastels, inks or water-colours), music (she enjoys the alternative, indie, hip hop, R&B, electronic genres, and frequently attends concerts). She also loves cooking, especially Sicilian cuisine.