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September 14th, 2018 – The on and off of the brain that allows BILINGUALISM   Often bilingual people pass easily and quickly from one spoken language to another. It is a skill that has always fascinated neurolinguistics, who have tried to study in detail the involvement of the different brain areas, obtaining some partial results.  


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Tokyo, Japan. 1st Dec, 2016. SoftBank's humanoid robot Pepper characterized as a panda debuted as a new member of staff for the Ginza Line subway at Ueno Station on December 1, 2016, Tokyo, Japan. Pepper is programmed to interact with Japanese and foreign

June 4th, 2018 – The huge benefits of WORKING in your second language   Working in another language can be awkward and challenging, but it has a surprising number of positive side effects.     Read the complete article from BBC


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April 16th, 2018 – Learning languages: Why bilingual kids are smarter   Ireland is speaking more languages than ever before with Polish, French, Romanian, Lithuanian and Spanish all echoing through our family homes. For years, there was a belief that bilingual children lagged behind academically and intellectually. More recent studies, however, comprehensively show this is