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November 19th, 2018 – The 10 ENGLISH words of the social language that we could say in Italian.   Italian, as we know, is heavily influenced by the English language, both in speech and in writing. There are many areas in which the English language seems to be preponderant compared to Italian, and one of these


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July 19th, 2018 – Do you talk emoji? The written language becomes drawn   Curly, blonde, brunette, smiling, surprised, crying, women with an Islamic veil, princesses with a crown, zombies. And then little animals, spaghetti dishes, sweets, national flags, sports of all sorts and vehicles. There are so many emojis (officially 2800 between chat and social),

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May 1st, 2018 – A “Pinocchio in EMOJItaliano” an original and very interesting book that is already going around the world   “It is one of the developments in the Short Writings project and emojis are a form of short scripts: from a series of studies and analysis of the potentialities of this graphic form, the


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April 25th, 2018 – The always new LANGUAGE of Mickey Mouse   Although, essentially a juxtaposition of images in sequence, the word in the comics is unavoidable from the image and the effect that both creates the narrative. The comic book is therefore also a gym of linguistic innovation. Comics live in jargons, words, phrases all