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June 22, 2016 – Our project manager Delia Cutolo reports on the latest SDL Trados Business Seminar she attended recently in Milan.
Delia Cutolo, Dotwords project manager

In terms of professional updates and opportunities for networking, the seminar organized by SDL Trados, our partner on some of the technological solutions that make up the Dotwords Translation Management System – a cloud-based platform for the management of translations and localizations from and to any language – exceeded expectations.

The event was attended by a range of professional figures, starting with freelance translators, in-house translators and Language Service Provider project managers like me. It was an interesting and educational day for practical-professional purposes and from a social viewpoint too, since it gave me a chance to share views with professionals from across Italy and other countries.

The presentations focused on two key issues for the translation sector:

  • quality, which, despite ever tighter times and costs, continues to reign supreme for all industry professionals; as recent surveys show, providing high-quality localized content is vitally important, both to build client trust and to open up new business opportunities …so my goal is to keep my sights set on quality, now and in the future, by taking advantage of all the great tools technology provides and keeping up to date with the latest developments!
  • automatic translation, which seems to be slowly shedding its image as “forbidden territory”: today, automatic translation is viewed as an important tool if it is in the hands of professional translators

The day continued with a session on productivity which depends on the specific professional figure: for project managers like me, productivity is closely linked to reducing the time it takes to manage and prepare translation projects to send out to translators.

On this point, the update on technological tools put the spotlight on a number of resources that can be useful; notably, Computer Aided Translation tools provide: automated quality checks; spelling checks; automatic translation; autoSuggest; AnyTM and many other features.

What are my next objectives?

First of all, to continue investigating developments in automatic translation resources, a key trend in our business; second, to participate more fully in SDL Studio GroupShare: a collaboration system to simplify workflows between project managers, translators, reviewers and so on, equipped with an automated notification system.
Stay tuned!