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November 10, 2019 – Our own Paola Baccalini took part in the two-day “Forum delle Donne Attive”, organized at Milan’s Bicocca University by Elle Active! to “promote the work of active women”. The title of the editorial presenting the event written by Elle Italia editor-in-chief Maria Elena Viola is “Where do the clever girls go?” Good question: Italian girls do better at school and university than their male peers, yet the female employment rate in Italy is 18 points below the rate for men and 13 points below average female employment in Europe. Why is this?

Paola has worked for a number of years as a volunteer on the training courses for women in the third millennium organized as part of the programs of the Ministry of Employment & Social Policies, and her involvement with the Forum included welcoming the young delegates and attending many interesting work sessions. “The presentations were extremely significant and were delivered by speakers of the caliber of the Minister for Equal Opportunities, Elena Bonetti, the founder of Women & Technologies and promoter of the international Tecnovisionarie award, Gianna Martinengo, the Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala and many representatives of Italian industry, including a number of Dotwords clients such as Pomellato, represented by CEO Sabina Belli.”

“Dotwords pays close attention to the issue of female employment,” comments Dotwords CEO Gabriella Soldadino. “It’s certainly no coincidence that we’re a predominantly female team at Dotwords.” Where do the clever girls go? Some of them come and work for us!