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by / Friday, 23 November 2018 / Published in DAILYWORD

November 23rd, 2018 – An Italian-Sardinian AUTOMATIC translator: the curious proposal of the new graduate Gianfranco Fronteddu.


In the thesis, the description of the project for the creation of Italian-Sardinian automatic translator, funded by the Google Summer Coding program and developed with the participation of Gianfranco Fronteddu to an Erasmus in the Tradumàtica research group of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, under the supervision of the Catalan professor Adrià Martín Mor, now a teacher also in Cagliari.


“The translator – explains Gianfranco – is in Sardinian LSC and has proved to be an important tool for the dissemination of content in the Sardinian language, thanks to its introduction on Wikipedia, translates about 29 thousand words, with a recognition rate of 90%”.


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